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Premier Wrestling

Premier Wrestling was founded on April 2019 by Vince Aftermath and Trey Steele-Legendary who have combined experience of almost 15 years in SL wrestling.

Vince Aftermath has had a very successful wrestling promotion that spanned 6 years.

Jasmine Tryce The Chief Operating Officer, has also been in SL wrestling for quite a while, over 5 years.

Right now.. Premier Wrestling is hosting 3 shows

- OVERLOAD (The Blue Brand)

- ATTITUDE (The Red Brand)

- UNPLUGGED (The Road Show)



Overload (The Blue Brand)

Founded After Season 10 when ATTITUDE won and earned their space in the place

Overload Currently has 3 Championships

- Heavyweight Championship

- Womens Championship

- STN Championship

The Current GM of Overload is:

- Trey Steele

Overload continued starting from Season 11

Currently Airing: Season 18

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ATTITUDE (The Red Brand)

Founded After Season 10 when ATTITUDE won and earned their space in the place

ATTITUDE Currently has 3 Championships

- Undisputed Championship

- Xtreme Womens Championship

- Hardcore Championship

The Current GM of ATTITUDE is:

- Rose Jameson

ATTITUDE started from Season 1 after Premier's Season 10

Currently Airing: Season 8

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Premier Wrestling's Unplugged is a wrestling show that doesn't get taped or aired on YouTube. The only way to watch this show is by attending the LIVE events in Second Life

Unplugged can be booked to be performed on your land and to help generate BIG traffic for your sim.

Tickets to attend = FREE

Cost to book unplugged = L$3000

Unplugged is more focused on entertaining the LIVE audience than on creating a video episode. So fans attending this show will 100% enjoy their time to the maximum potential.

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